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Want to win free stuff?

Guess The 5 Artists performing @

Prayer Jam Live 2019

We want you to guess the 5 Main Artists that will be performing in Prayer Jam Live 2019

to win a free t-shirt.

Contest Rules

To win a free t-shirt you must enter your name, phone number & e-mail address along with a list of 5 Artist Names in the contact form above; then click submit.

You must also subscribe to our Prayer Jam Live YouTube channel, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram by clicking the social media links below.

The 1st person to get the Artist Line Up correct by August 15th will be contacted and will receive the t-shirt in Antigua on October 17th @ The Multipurpose Center after the Night of Prayer.

Participants of this contest cannot be directly affiliated with Prayer Jam Live or Transforming The Nations in the capacity of sponsorship (giving money or value) or recipient (getting money or value) from being a part of either ministry.

This contest is open for all residents of Antigua & Barbuda only.